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Fast And Curious CD (2012) - SAVE $2!!

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Fast And Curious CD (2012) - SAVE $2!!

Sy Smith’s fourth studio release Fast And Curious is exactly that. It’s plenty fast. And wonderfully curious. Produced entirely by electronic remixer, jazz musician, and deejay Mark de Clive-Lowe (aka MdCL), this project fuses elements of soulful house, downtempo electronica, and underground R & B to place Sy in a whole new class unto herself: Electronic Soul. Sy’s lyrical storytelling is top-notch and this time around, she’s not holding back on vocals either. Minnie, Diana, and even some MJ stylings are apparent as some of her influences as she shows off her vocal range and scatting ability like never before. Rahsaan Patterson’s guest appearance makes for a club-stompin’ duet on the funky, if not obscure, remake of Billy Ocean’s “Nights”. Sy’s uptempo swing on tunes like “Personal Paradise”, “The Primacy Effect” and “Let The Rain Fall Down” feel like a party in the jungle. While downtempos “Teena” and “The Ooh To My Aah” feel like a sonic love affair!

1) The Fast And The Curious
2) Truth
3) Personal Paradise
4) Find My Way
5) Nights (Feel Like Getting Down) featuring Rahsaan Patterson
6) Let The Rain Fall Down
7) Teena (Lovergirl Syberized)
8) The Ooh To My Aah
9) The Primacy Effect
10) Messages From The Stars
11) People Of The Sun

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