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About the RoseFist Collection...

The powerful RoseFist (brought to life by graphic designer Steve Santos of Esiness Design) has come to symbolize Sy Smith's new critically-acclaimed album "Sometimes A Rose Will Grow In Concrete" and Sy Smith's overall artistic brand. It represents strength in time of adversity and the beauty that is formed from triumph in seemingly impossible circumstances. As her lyric in the title track declares:

"Sometimes a rose will grow in concrete. Sometimes the caged bird will sing."

Yes. We are those Concrete Roses. We are that beautiful struggle. We raise our voices and our fists in love and light. And so... The RoseFist lives! 

Sy Smith's signature RoseFist Collection is available exclusively at this online store. Tee shirts, coffee mugs, journals and tote bags, with more to come.

Now the question is... how will YOU rock your RoseFist?




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